‘Stop by and skill up’ tablet shelves
Shelves with tablets containing learning material installed around the corporate premises.



How many team meetings or conferences start on time? Do we always come to the canteen with the aim to socialize and chat? What do you do when you go out to smoke? Unless we carry a laptop, book or else constantly with us, or we are ready to always engage in a friendly talk, the often remedy to make use of this time is to stare at the tiny screen of our smartphones trying to squeeze out of this act something meaningful.


Creating opportunity to turn passive time into active learning is a well known one, effectiveness depending on how it is implemented. In terms of education, the tablet is a fairly priced, mighty computer that enriches training through the use of an intuitive touchscreen and simple controls. Hence all target groups can use it. Combine it with the interactive learning material, and employee will be willing to spend time on it, when normally he/she would be bored.


The hack would consist in the wise combination and interplay of different factors: - Set tablet shelves and dedicated zones in the places, where people are eager to do anything but work (canteen, smoking area, etc), but also where they are supposed to work but have some forced pause (conference rooms) - Create a selection of easy and interactive materials - Give the possibility to create own profiles and track progress / resume learning at any moment on other tablet, etc.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

Spots with shelves must look appealing – colourful, with motivating quotes on the walls, etc. This is a precondition :) Tablets themselves can also be visually attractive.

REQUIREMENTS - Tablets with uploaded e-tutorials – video, or interactive ones. (either specific to company, or general ones) - Learning material should be clearly and intuitively structured. - Employees can create their profiles that will allow them to resume following the course from wherever they started. - Tablets would be configured to have nothing but these learning materials (no web surfing, etc)

IMPLEMENTATION - Easy to set. Not much additional workload in terms of HR maintaining this idea. - Multiple modalities to implement (companies can decide where to set, how to configure, etc)

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