Learning -The super boost for sustainability
App for employees connects via their company to social and environmental support projects



Though we see a highly interconnected world, both technically and economically, we are facing a huge lack in humane and sustainable connection of all its societies. As “just” one individual person it requires a lot of energy, time and dedication to establish a meaningful and impactful connection. Most of us are caught in our day cycles and feel already the trouble to carve out time to ourselves - for health, for self-development and self-realization, for good relations and spirit.


In needs an easy and motivated mechanism (hack) to connect us anytime from the here and the now and our learning process to worldwide projects that help the people and the environment. Easy means – very automatic and simple to implement. Motivated means – it gives you an added reward and the feeling of power, besides the learning success itself. Learning during your work and in companies is predestined for this.


A lean app on your smartphone. It connects your logged learning successes easily and directly to the help projects. Every time you have achieved a success during your day, you checkmark this goal met inside the app. This success is not only yours: It is for the company too. So, it is worth something. Via the app your company is notified and automatically pays a micro donation to an established helping project, e.g. Share The Meal – for combatting hunger of children in crisis regions.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

Via this free app: You are doing something valuable an good for the world. And you had the power of making your company pay ;-) The company is doing something good too. And can be used for CSR.

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