Nutrition/Pharma boost: NFL. Nutraceuticals for Learning
Enhancing people's confidence in their learning abilities as their actual focus, memory, learning...



Among the stumbling blocks to employees' learning, let's focus on two that are internal to the employee/learner: A. Lack of confidence in one's ability to squeeze learning into already busy days, or in one's ability to remember and apply the material/knowledge thereafter; and B. Lack of motivation to learn. This could be simply a result of low confidence (A) or also influenced by a perception that "other co-workers are not passionate or actively learning, and so why must I??"


Raising a person's confidence in his or her own capacity to focus, to remember, to learn, etc can have a cascade effect if the raised confidence prompts him/her to seek learning actively. Why? Because his/her motivation will soon be perceived by co-workers and they too will follow suit - especially if they have access to a "magic pill" i.e. a reason for of self-confidence. Yes, it can become a cascade effect, a cultural change inside a department or even an entire organization.


NFL uses cutting-edge scientific research to identify & deliver combinations of nutritional supplements, and safe natural enhancers of mental focus, energy, cognition and learning, to interested employees. In 2019, vending machines at work already dispense water, coffee (caffeine!), energy drinks, Red Bull, etc. By 2022, vending machines or Keurig-style dispensers shall provide you with regulated/tracked doses of NFL + Hydration/Snacks. Combinable with meditation, yoga, brainwave, etc hacks.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

Campaign emails and posters. Accompanied by testimonials. Accompanied by brief writeups of the underlying science, with links to more detailed explanations for anyone who might be interested. There will obviously be some interest and some questions among employees because of the novelty aspect in the company (just as this submission is also the first of its kind here). So, the company's internal learning resource shall contain a section about the NFL and its safety, the quality and provenance of the ingredients used, the importance of hydration, vitamins, good ergonomics/posture/breathing etc for optimal brain performance and learning.

Employees will be informed that they can only purchase/dispense a limited number of NFL in a day. For example, a vending machine may require an employee badge to dispense and to track NFL usage per employee. After all, it is not a can of Red Bull here. It is advanced brain nutrition.