Youtube for Working Space
Educational Video Playback as Entertainment with Voting Mechanism

Management/Project Lead, White Collar, and Trainees


During work hours, many white-collar employees will try to keep themselves entertained while doing their job, usually by listening to music and audiobooks, or even "alt+tab"-ing between their work software and web surfing.

It is also not easy to start a discussion around learning, because each person may have a different education level based on their commitment in learning; and we wouldn't know what kind of subjects that people around us are into without directly asking them first.


Many employees need some sort of entertainment to keep them motivated through the day, however it is important to have it to not becoming a distraction to maintains productivity.

A group of people that have similar experience will be able to have discussion around it easily because it is relevant with what they know, and from discussion, people can grow further interest with the relevant subject.

So, what if we embed learning within daily entertainment that can spark smarter discussion?


With the rise of excellent educators becoming a Youtuber and TV shows becoming dumber, learning anything from Youtube have become exciting and easy to follow.

This solution basically propose to play entertaining educational Youtube videos through office's TV or projectors and employees can vote which learning subject they'd like to have by voting.

Employees will be able to learn new thing by watching mid-work or simply listening to the played videos and discuss new knowledge afterwards.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?


A selected person can manage what videos to play by assigning videos to a specified Youtube account's video playlists. Each playlist will have a different video that is curated based on subject category.

Other employees can give recommendation of other video to be added into playlists.

Each Youtuber have different presentation style and are usually consistent with the subject they try to cover; so it is easy to curate what video from which channel are eligible to play without entirely watching it first.


Videos are played based on voting and there could be option to continue play relevant subject or change it.

It is not mandatory, but having a voting software can be more efficient for larger office (see image).


Employees may partake in small chat and even in-depth discussion revolving the video they just watched/listened. The new knowledge can motivate them to learn new areas, try an experiment, or perhaps start a business.