Wise up to Ethics
Wise up to Ethics is a cloud-based program, with VR simulations..



According to the Ethics & Compliance Initiative’s 2018 Global benchmark on workplace ethics, 30% of employees in the USA observed misconduct in the past 12 months. There are also many breaches that go unreported and unaddressed. This information shows that nearly everyone will encounter some questionable issue in the workplace. Studies have shown that many employees, even those in the higher levels of management, are unsure about what constitutes unethical behaviour.


Companies are in need of educational training programs that educate their employees about EEOC guidelines in the workplace, using inoffensive and friendly designed visualisations.


Option 1. Wise Up to Ethics is a cloud-based program, with VR simulation, that creates gameplay for many different scenarios that may occur in the workplace. Employees can be individual users, or join with teams, to exercise possible scenarios, engage with their peers, and trainer without physical contact. Option 2. Wise up to Ethics is a program that takes place in small relaxed groups, a program that companies would run to get feedback on employee concerns about workplace ethics.

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WISE UP to Ethics can be a mandatory program for all level Employees Option 1. Interactive programs tailored for Management level, HR, General enquiries. Option 2. Employees will be encouraged to anonymously submit their suggestions to an online company platform, written down or recorded, that can only be access by a designated ethics coordinator or HR professional.

On the topic of “what do you think about ethics in the workplace? Confidential recordings will modify the person’s voice. No personal details will be collected. Platform will protect the personal details of the employee to avoid retaliation and repercussion. Then, only the written down and recorded opinions will be broadcast and discussed in small relaxed groups, with Ethics coordinator. The point of the program is to learn what kind of problems employees are facing, and tailor the sessions accordingly, to resolve the issue. The program can be expanded to several meetings, depending of the importance of the situation.