Learning with the help of AI
The people of Forework know that the World moves rapidly. What happens if we merge forces with AI ?



The World of today is a rapid one , and it effectively runs on computers . So , what will happen if we try to use the AI of the World to advance ourselves , to learn in a more efficient manner ? I am sure that the gentleman/lady reading this has thought about it at least once . My observation is that if humanity starts to use AI in such manner , it will lead to greater good not seen before in the history of human existence - learning for the target group will be easy , efficient , practical .


My conclusion is that those who use technology to learn/study are much more efficient,practical and generally have better grades in their respective schools.It is almost impossible to study in the modern World without the use of technology in some manner , it has become a part of the life of a modern Human!It has become a widely accepted practice in some regions of the World, and will slowly become the normal way to learn.I am certain of my conclusion,and I hope that the reader will be as well .


My solution is that in every learning place we should have computers or some sort of an electronic advice to learn on , and to have a fully developed AI system from which to extract all necessary information . However , the AI should be used with caution. It may be a source of information , but one individual must not abuse the knowledge. I am certain that the reader agrees with me , that this is the only way to continue the growth of humanity - through the power of humanity and AI , United .

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

The hack would make the life of my employees a lot easier - work becomes easier , less complicated , and an enjoyable activity to do instead of some sort of a chore . The people of Jovoto and Forework will have an easier time creating their ideas , a lot of which could turn out to be pieces of art . The other workers of the World will be able to get on with their lives a lot more , instead of being preoccupied with work and having to do late shifts in order to compensate for their lack of knowledge or power. Basically , the introduction of AI into our lives will make , if regulated properly , everything easier. Every single person in the World will feel as if he or she is a millionaire with too much free time . And isn't this what everyone wants - a couple of million in the bank and some free time for yourself ? Productivity stays efficient, CEO's are happy ,investors are happy ,workers are happy - everyone is happy . A Dream coming true. The Invention of this will benefit humanity .