Interstice learning
Using CogniPoint™ sensors in workplace & Skype meetings to identify unproductive time & utilize it.



People who have less work usually spend their time in an unproductive manner in the office.They will usually disturb other employees who have work & reduce their productivity also since they have nothing to do. Skill gap is a serious problem in companies, usually it is difficult for us to understand our own difficulty with some skills but a third person will be able to identify it easily for example: - English speaking skill or Email writing skills.


Companies can measure productivity & track the leisure time each employees gets, if the time exceeds certain fixed duration then they can utilize this interstice for skill development of the employees, it could be simple online courses to in person training & counselling. The company sends out a survey to employees or colleagues who work with him to identify the skill that he lacks according to them, in this way a third person will be in a better position to understand the skill deficiency.


My idea proposes to use the CogniPoint™ sensors in workplace for workplace & skype or cisco meeting data to identify the unproductive time or leisure time that the employees get, the time when they are away from desk. This interstice or time between various tasks are usually spend by the employees in an unproductive manner for the employee & the company, so the idea is to identify this unproductive time, its duration & utilize it for skill development & get feedback from your colleagues.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

*Through corporate Emails & posters. *By performance review sessions with the managers, the managers can communicate it to the employees whether the employees want to increase their productivity by identifying skill gap and learn new skills at the expense of the company.

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