Corporate Structure & Learning
Creating a learning hack and it's success depends solely on the structural order of a company.

Management/Project Lead and White Collar


White collar and management/project lead are jobs done other and within the structure of a company or organisation. The ability or opportunity to learn while on the job is diminished or enhanced depending on the corporate order of the particular company. For example companies that runs a pyramid structure will give little or no room to lower level staff the motivation for learning since all decisions are made and certified by a few. So individuals maintain what they know to keep their jobs.


To learn in any work place for white collar job owners or project lead staffs, the only guarantee is by the flexibility of the structural order of that very organisation. Staffs in any corporate environment can only do as much as the laws and the order of practise allowed in that sphere.


The most effective hack for learning is the flexibility of the corporate order of an organisation, while the various leadership levels are maintained, the cordiality of idea sharing on all projects and service delivery evaluations will in-turn trigger learning and further learning by all staffs since all are involved and relevant. Therefore every member of staff, do their own research, share and learn from co-workers with the abundance of technological media to do so without any extra cost.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

Since this an hack that impacts the corporate structure of an organisation, it will be communicated at an official staff members Lunch meeting and to enhance implementation an SMS text is sent to each staff explaining this new structure and at the end of the message each staff is required to forward it to other staffs kick-starting the sharing process.

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