The Pushing Game
A milestone game that push workers to learn more abilities.

White Collar, Trainees, and Other (designers and software developers)


Most of employees would want to be recognized and awarded for their performance and goals achieved. It's well known that people strives to enhance their capabilities in exchange for more benefits.


The actual possibility of being often awarded for acquiring more abilities definitely keeps employees encouraged to learn more and stand out while working. That way, they are positively pushed to fulfill their goals going beyond their status quo.


A milestone game where employees can advance through the way when they learn new topics and achieve new tasks related to what they learnt. Along the way, they can get days off or bonifications. The first to complete the journey will reach the big prize that can be a paid vacation spending nights on resorts.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

Employees would be informed about the game and the prizes they may get whether they learn new issues and tasks. Thus, they would be encouraged to empower their knowledge. Learning courses can be availaible for that purpose.

The game would take place in the workplace using the intranet and any employee is able to watch the location of the others on the virtual board.

Depending on the type of learning achieved about new topics and related tasks fulfilled at work, any employee can move forward once or even three times in one hit.

If an employee having remaining moves wants to land on an awarded square along the way , he can choose landing on there and wait the next chance to restart from that place.

The awarded squares along the way are available for all employees. The big prize will only be reached by the first one completing the tour.

Once completed, the game can be restarted. In average, the game may take place once or twice per year.