The Badge
A milestone game tailored for the blue collar target

Blue Collar


As well as any type of employee, blue-collar ones would also like to be awarded in some way for the hard work they do everyday. Workers who strive to enhance their skills in exchange for more benefits would be mostly encouraged and willing to fulfill their goals.


Taking into consideration this specific target, it's important to create a sort of gamification system that can be properly adapted to the blue-collar performance.


Badge-like stickers containing QR codes are suitably bonded into some building materials such as blocks, balks, partitions, bags and so on. While working, employees handle this material anytime. The ones getting a badge uncover its code and store it into a system data monitored by the company. Depending on the number of codes registered, employees purchase different prizes. This way, the workers would be encouraged to learn how to handle more material and thus, boost their performance.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

When the company adquires the building material, a supervisory team ensures that the badges are placed randomly before being carried. In turn, the team also ensures that all the working areas are equally eqquiped.

Employees would be encouraged to participate in specialized trainings enabling them to enter the gamification system. By knowing the prizes the may get, they would be positively boosted to become more skilled and increase performance: the more material they work with, the more chances of winning they get.

Workers can exchange the badges they get when they want. The more badges they have, the higher the prize is. For instance:

10 badges: Discount coupons for shopping

15 badges: Half day off

25 badges: A day off

40 badges: 10% bonification

50 badges: 15% bonification

60 badges: 25% bonification

80 badges: 25% bonification

100 badges: A paid vacation!

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