A smart way to learn from your co-workers and improve your cooperation inside your company



In today's typical corporate environment there is a focus towards expertise on specific areas. This creates a problem for employees from different departments to cooperate efficiently and to easily understand the difficulties and obstacles others face. At the same time long work hours and mentally exhausting lifestyle makes it hard for people to invest in learning new skills, while companies invest large portions of their budget to bring experienced managers to try to connect everyone's work.


Working on today's hard corporate environment can be very challenging. Moreover the constant need to have expertise on your specific field has closed the doors to a broader and more cohesive understanding of your surroundings. People need to have a bigger picture as to what the final product is and how each team is trying to tackle the problems they are facing, by better understanding the tricks they are using and their general workflow.


My idea focuses on a system where employees who work at different departments of the same company are encouraged to work together in order to learn from one another and improve their general cooperation while learning the workflow of each other and the obstacles each one faces when engaging on a task. Once a month the manager could assign couples from different departments so they can both hear new ideas on their projects and help them understand how they can incorporate them into their work.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

Mingle is a innovative way to improve the cooperation between people working on different parts of the same company, while focusing on learning tips,skills and mindset to help you broaden your understanding of a big project and see how another member of the company tackles tasks and issues. It's a great way to improve human interaction inside the company, help every member teach and learn from others, improve everyone's general skills and understand how you can incorporate new ideas into your workflow to be more efficient and helpful to the rest of the company. How it works? Once every a set amount of time, the GM of the company assigns some of his employees to work under a similar level employee from another department. The two employees work together to finish the project using their combined skillsets and learning from each other. This system might start slowly but once employees start to see its benefits on their workflow they will gladly continue to participate and improve.

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