From Self-Knowledge to Understanding
The inclusion of elements of self-awareness in the learning process.



Misunderstanding yourself is sometimes difficult to find the right keys to understanding each other in the overall achievement of the goal. So the path to the necessary knowledge and methods and forms of perception lies through an analysis of oneself.Companies may not pay enough attention to this problem to the employee "self-knowledge" in the educational process of the company.Cases when you do not know what is the matter with emotions or skills can interfere with your work.


Not always external criticism or help can be positive. Therefore, there must be tools for introspection in order to develop the necessary fields of knowledge.So certain areas of knowledge like collective psychology or emotional intelligence are not included in standard sets of knowledge, but for a number of specialties they may be necessary for various cases.Understanding yourself gives mutual understanding, and this is a field of knowledge. This can be an interesting start to knowledge.


The training resources of companies may contain a number of methods, tests, directions for the development of self-knowledge as one of the elements of the development of motivation and the development of the employee as a whole.Thus, a simple active icon of a personal account of a training site or an application for a telephone can contain various mechanisms of self-knowledge and access to specific knowledge in the field of knowledge that needs to be improved.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

The presence of a well-thought-out connected self-knowledge system with certain knowledge will begin its advertising after finding its place in the learning process.

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