Adaptive Learning Coach
Adaptive Learning Coach on basis of Bloom´s Taxanomy



"Adaptive learning, also known as adaptive teaching, is an educational method which uses computer algorithms to orchestrate the interaction with the learner and deliver customized resources and learning activities to address the unique needs of each learner." [source: wiki (]

Adaptive learning systems have traditionally been divided into: The Expert model, the Student model, the Instructional model and the Instructional environment.


Regarding the observation, the division of the adaptive learning systems haven´t consider the aspects of Bloom´s Taxonomy, wich is too bad. I would advice an adaptive learning system classified into levels of complexity and specificity.


An adaptive learning app, who works on basis of the Bloom´s taxonomy. After passing an entrance test, the system helps you as a coach, to improve your individual learning skills. You choose your preferred topic field, your learning goals and find tasks for the specific level. You also determine the learning time and the system compiles a tailored learning challenge.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

I would provide the helper at the wellknown app stores and present it to all the education fairs and summits.

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