A channel where experiences and lessons are curated. Like a Pinterest but for learning

Management/Project Lead and Trainees


In the workplace, people learn through daily experiences on the job (behavorism), working on a project/challenge (cognitivism) and working in a team, alongside a client or customers (constructivism). With new tools & methods emerging. It is difficult to find time to slow down and finding the right platform is a challenge. We need an information ground for learning that connects people with content & information. Because knowledge and learning is associated with experience within social networks.


Information ground emphasizes on the interaction between people, place and information within social networks. And finding how to connect, engage and facilitate embodied experience and learning. Focusing on the relationship between content, information and people in an information ground is the key to unlocking layers of learning in the global digital workplace. Define and select an information ground. Share content/lessons. And update new information and start a conversation along the way.


TeamBits allow workers, team leads, researchers and managers to share weekly tidbits and insights via a digital project management channel such as Slack/Whatsapp. Lessons on projects will be curated on various slack channels based on department/team’s focus. Like a Pinterest but for learning. A team lead will be the community manager and facilitating conversation on a topic. Team members can share what they learned from their experience related to the topic or from their personal lives.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

Choose a channel such as on Slack (#Teambits>#Marketing>#Operations) where staff can engage and share tidbits and ensure new employees sign-in during onboarding. Have a tidbits board at strategic positions within each unit showing images/content highlights from past weeks that are inspiring and engaging. Work with HR and learning officers to develop a guide for presenting tidbits and lessons on the Teambits platform.