The Breakfast Club
Enrich your knowledge by interacting with others in the best possible way – face to face.

Management/Project Lead, White Collar, Blue Collar, and Other (Teams)


Very often teams have limited time to communicate with each other due to the daily tasks they have. We spend a lot of time sitting next to a coworker, sharing a common project and at the same time rarely we seize the opportunity to learn something from the people around us.


This quality time spent together will create a more friendly environment where people will have the chance to learn more about their other teammates and establish stronger connections. At the same time everyone will enrich their knowledge by interacting with the others in the best possible way – face to face while sharing a delicious meal.


Every Thursday of the month the team will gather for breakfast which will be organized by one of the members. The same member will be the Breakfast master and will have the opportunity to share with the others an interesting situation from the work life (where everyone could learn something new or get an interesting idea) or speak about his/her hobby, tell stories and give recommendations if someone is interested in it as well.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

The team leader should inform their team members about the idea in a team meeting and show them a specially designed poster about the initiative. For every event there will be a template where the Breakfast Master will fill in the topic of the breakfast, some key points that are going to be covered and a nice photo to make everything visual. Then send it to the other members of the team up to two days prior to the event.

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