Happy how to's !
Practical wisdom for people 2 learn for the everyday improvement, find their passion & b happY



It happens in most of jobs, to reach a point in which they start becoming too routinary, heavy, cold, flat, even boring… we no longer feel enthusiasm or motivation. We live to work and not work to live; we feel that our companies only care about having us working and producing and their only interest is profit and not the wellbeing of their employees. We feel slaved, depressed and we only care about waiting for the weekend.


Wrkrs need 2 feel appreciated & recognized,feel co.s r aware of their value & that they care about their wellbeing.2 make them feel excited & motivated 2 go 2 work everyday, keeping the atmosphere fresh, welcoming & inspiring.2 make them LOVE their jobs. make them feel that the company works for them 2. 2 make‘em better, smarter and happier in every aspect of their lives,2 improve their lives beyond the co. walls,find PASSION. Ultimately, happier, healthier persons will work better


A program that helps: -ppl learn bout thmslvs -co.s learn bout employees -learn stuff 4 the everyday that will improve thr lives & lives around, find passions & xplor new abilities. -not focused on knowledge itself but on how 2 use IT. -ultimate goal is 2 make ppl’s lives COMPLETE-ER & happier, which will indirectly benefit the CO -weekly prgrms like:how to take bttr pictures, cook Italian food, fix bike, dance, philosophy, appreciate wine, save $ for Trips etc -boost happiness in the wrk area

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

This hack is not to be done through digital channels only.

however promoting the specific week's how to can be done through the classic, e mail, social media, etc. nevertheless the weekly dynamic should be advertised in several different ways...

if the weekly how to is "the perfect cup of coffee" .. maybe there could be barista stations, and coffee facts, info , in strategic places... for the actual dynamic there has to be a specific space for a workshop which pople can visit at anytime and ask and learn whatever they want from the weekly how to...

Each how to 's gotta have its own way of being thought and it's own specific dynamic, ultimately making every week different, exciting and not routinary.

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