Domino: less is more
Breaking the learning barrier by setting easily achievable, retainable and not time consuming goals



It is a common advice in most of the success and motivational books to just start, and start small (dream big though :)). However, corporate world requires efficiency, including in delivering trainings. Thus, the course program is normally very intense, compact, with vast amount of knowledge to embrace. One would need to apply all the effort to start implementing immediately all this knowledge in practice, otherwise it might simply fade. Not every employee can handle this intensity.


Applying the domino effect (see linked video) to the learning system can be a hack the corporate world was waiting for. Give employee a manageable piece of knowledge, next time feed a bigger one, and so on. This will help your colleagues build a confidence they need to master a skill they thought is impossible to get. Employees would no longer feel the burden and shame of forgetting some of the important details squeezed into a 1 or 2 days training.


Adjust your company’s training curricula to integrate a progressive type of learning, both in terms of time and effort required – courses with the tag “Domino: less is more”. The key is to start really simple, with the novelty element though. If normally the course lasts 2 days, start with 1 or 2 hours, give some meaningful information that can be already applied by employees. Let them ‘digest it’ by applying it in practice in their daily work cycle, and then ‘feed’ another piece of knowledge.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

As a company, approach a learning opportunity / practice with a QUESTION: how can we break it down, make easier for employees to get engaged, at which pace can we boost up the volume / intensity of training.


  • for standard course - reduce time and amount taught per one course -
  • For a continuous learning – introduce e-subscription for a particular course / topic, through which you will receive weekly portions on the topic you like. It can be accompanied with visual representation on the ‘size of a knowledge domino’ you are currently enjoying. - Etc.


Make differentiation between regular and “domino: less is more” courses (put a tag on them, so that employees can easily identify this type of training).

Description of the training can already contain the 1st domino piece of knowledge and congratulation to have mastered it ;) This way, employees when just screening the description can have a taste of a small achievement and will be more eager to get enrolled.

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