Happy Hour
A weekly competition held among employees to study a topic in just one hour during working hours.

White Collar and Management/Project Lead


The main reasons for avoiding many employees from continuous learning..

  • Learning in general is not fun.
  • Study is required for a long time, outside working hours, which is often not available.
  • There is no guidance to what the company needs or what the employee should learn in order to progress in his work.
  • Lack of encouragement and motivation.


The administration of the company should encourage employees to lifelong learning and continuous training, provide them with the appropriate times, and direct them to the subjects of study of interest to the company.

Managers should make all this in a pleasant atmosphere that encourages staff to learn and motivates them to participate. It is also important that they reward outstanding employees.


The company conducts a weekly competition among all its employees on a subject determined by the administration. The competition lasts for only one hour (during working hours).

Participants can use the Internet or any other available sources to study the announced topic. A research should be sent by e-mail before the end of the competition hour.

The administration organizes a weekly "Happy Hour" party for all its employees (during working hours) where the winners are honored.

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SMS will be sent to all employees (during working hours) at an unspecified time including a particular topic to be studied.

Each employee who wishes to participate will reply to the SMS to be allowed to study within the next hour.

The participant can use internet, the company's library, ask colleagues, or any other sources. The required research should be submitted via email at time.

Researches will be published on the company's website, allowing comments, discussion and voting.

Before the weekend, another SMS will be sent to all employees inviting them (participants and non-participants) to gather in a specific place for the "Happy Hour" party where drinks and snacks will be served and prizes will be distributed to the winners.

Participants will receive points according to specific criteria. According to their cumulative balance of points; employees will be ranked periodically (monthly / quarterly / annually), and the top-ranked employee will be rewarded.