Wheel of wisdom
Spin the wheel of wisdom and gain some knowledge (or something else)

Blue Collar


It can be especially difficult to convince not very tech affine blue collar worker that life long learning is essential to the future of work.


Find a way to lower the barrier for the target group (blue collar worker) to get connected to new forms of learning.


The wheel of wisdom, is a actual spinning wheel which is connected to a screen. The wheel will be placed at highly frequented places (like the canteen). Every employee has the opportunity to spin the wheel. He will be given a relevant question on the screen like: "Guess: How many of xy can be saved if you use xy instead of xy to ...". If he answers right (3 choices via button on screen) he has the opportunity to spin the wheel again and win something nice (like a voucher for a free coffee eg.)

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

via Mail or newsletter with the slogan: Don't push your luck - spin the wheel!

A small feature text in which we describe how essential learning is for every single employee now matter what position he works in.