In-House Extracurricular
On the spot workshop & seminars for the employee, by the employee



At the end of work days, people will have to go through rush hours to get to their next daily schedule. Some people may want to go home or hang out, while some may going to attend a workshop/seminar.

Workshop/seminar events for working adult is on the rise nowadays. While not every workshop is for everyone; personal concern regarding time (when it's being held), distance (to the venue), and cost (to attend it) limitation can affects individual commitment on wanting to learn new things.


A more convenient way to introduce workshop/seminars to working adult regardless the profession that can be well integrated to their daily schedule and budget - could spark interest in learning.

During evening rush hour, lots of hours are wasted for commuting, and will diminish willingness to learn because people will be even more exhausted afterwards.

But what if we use that time to learn something new instead being early to stuck in traffic?


In-House Extracurricular is a program where workshop/seminar are hosted right in the office after work hours. The program could last from 1 to 3 hours, and by the time it's finished, the rush hour outside will be decreased and allow people to commute faster.

The program will be organized by employees and is applicable for any industry with varying business size. Over time the cost per session could be reduced and the company may help fund the program and make participation fees more attractive.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?


  • Employee and/or HR team may need to take a poll of what subject that sparks the most interest among employees.
  • Smaller business/startup within the same building could cooperate to run the program together.
  • Contact relevant educators from either education firm or professional network.


  • Participants will need to 'crowdfund' the budget from any interested employee, basically like tickets.
  • Depending on company policy, the program could be partially or even be fully funded.
  • Theoretically, the more companies are practicing this program, educators will receive a more consistent service order, and the price per workshop session could be reduced over time and make the overall participant cost even cheaper.


  • Workshop/seminar can be hosted in office rooms with existing facilities.
  • A more creative workshop, perhaps like knitting or painting, will require more preparation to facilitate equipment.