Distributed learning based on main character strength
Learn Hack that will bring to light the value of each employee through learning.

Management/Project Lead, White Collar, Blue Collar, and Trainees


Long-life learning, inside the companies, is a utopia looking with a wide perspective. People are bored, tired and with no lack of motivation. The process of learning at the working place is more often a burden.


As humans, we feel the need for more authenticity through what we do, including at working place. If there will be activities that could match better with who why are as a personality, the tasks will be much more enjoyable and people will much more as themselves -and this is a very exciting process to be part of it.


The "Distributed learning" hack that is focused on the correlation between the main core strength of a person and best learning match. According to the studies are 24 Character Strengths: Each one of us has one definitory strength. Through tests like VIA, each person can find out the define his character strength. A specialized team can distribute the type of learning correlated with personality. This means effortless confidence and well-being while learning = happy long-life learning.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

The hack could be presented as a tool for personal and professional growth. A tool that can help them up and guide them on how they can contribute according to their personalities, in the best and effortless possible.