The Empathy Barter Hack - Update
Exchange fair trade where the employee learn and ask company do learn what makes them happy.

Management/Project Lead, White Collar, Blue Collar, and Trainees


Being an employee, sometimes even the learning process creates struggle, it seems to impose and it seems like your opinion doesn't matter that much. They are just some puppets to execute orders. A lot to learn for others, but the others fail at humanity test. Some don't know their colleague or employee. All these create an overwhelmed, complains and unmotivated vibe.


The employee is more motivated to learn if they feel that are not just puppets in the company. Beside daily learning, sometimes little things and some empathy could create a great environment to exchange knowledge and learn. A happy employee is happy to share and learn.


"The Barter Hack " is an empathic learn barter where people share knowledge but also a consideration for each other. The employees exchange knowledge, in return, colleagues will show appreciation, by learning little things that will make the significant other happier at work. Ex: Joana learn SEO, she shares her knowledge, in appreciation for that, the team learn about Joana that she like the coffee with no sugar. This barter creates social bonds and a nice environment for learning.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

This hack can be communicated very easy, as an opportunity to know themselves better beyond the daily tasks and learning. It is a true opportunity to emphasize employee matters, each once can learn from each other. It is a chance to create social bonds, be more humans, respect and understanding each other more. Also, the contribution of this hack is huge in teamwork.