Personalized VR Learning Room
Personalized VR Room to create a great environment and booth the motivation to learn.

Management/Project Lead, White Collar, and Trainees


The work environment becomes very boring after a while, even for people who love what they do. That boredom has carried by the employees - even when it comes to learning something at the workplace.


The employees need something new in their work-life in order to be excited about learning new things and become a long-life learners.


The VR Room is a personalized hack that allows employees to create/choose their own environment in the process of learning - learning breaks etc. With just a pair of VR could "travel" lay on a beach in Tanzania and learn about marketing - using the audio function The company can have a personalized VR Room/space, with VR headset that can be used This hack is a treat that will make the employee happier, more relax and willing to spend more time learning, in"vacation at work".

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

The VR Room is very tempting, It will be presented as a treat, a "vacation for learning", The employee will be motivated and excited personalized their rooms, travel somewhere "outside" the office and learn something new. They will be happy to take the journey of learning in a new environment during their work hours.