Growth mindset digest
Introducing e-digest / newsletter with the collection of interesting articles / news



We need sometimes a push in the right direction. This push can be an interesting article you read on the topic you were always keen to know more about, but never somehow managing to put on your conscious agenda, or information about an event you might benefit of or bring some added value to. This type of information might not be something you are actively looking for when having your daily read or else.


We like to save effort by tapping into the already pre-selected collection of resources. Digests and newsletters work well for boosting visibility for literally anything - let it be the latest developments in the area of cybercrime, or collection of news about some cultural events. Why not to tailor this type of digest to the learning objectives the company is aiming for.


Introduction of a digest (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or else) in a format of an e-newsletter sent out around the company's employees, or even the printed out magazine / leaflet placed in the common areas. It will contain articles of a "did you know?" style and other collection of resources / latest studies / info on events / news from colleagues, etc. contributing to establishing the growth mindset within the organization. Prepared in a centralized manner, or by a team of volunteers, or else.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

All employees are subscribed to it by default, unless they explicitly opt out.

Hack can be implemented in DIFFERENT levels of COMPLEXITY: just a single e-digest, or introducing the possibility that employees select topics that are of interest for them.

FREQUENCY of distribution would depend on several factors: possibility to produce quality content,

VOLUME of materials: depending on the above can be adjusted to the wishes and needs.

INITIAL PHASE: Before introducing the hack into the organization's culture, i would conduct a brainstorming meeting, or an internal survey on what would be the visions and expectations of the employees.

CONTENT PREPARATION: by a team volunteers / training unit / by rotational approach when different dep-ts are responsible for producing this material in different moments in time (for example, in January digests are offered by the Marketing department, in February - by the Financial department - thus boosting the ownership over this hack), etc.