externalize those unaccomplished desires & cravings and/or confess and embrace ur ignorance



its not easy to self analyze, to admit the stuff you dont know or are ignorant of ,set or actually know or express what you want to achieve, or even remember those things that you always wanted to learn/accomplish,... it's very easy to procrastinate or leave stuff in the "i wish i ... " department. A lot of learning left to be done...


Opportunity to express what u are ignorant of ( work out conciousnes), admiting and being aware is the first step to improvement.

People can relate to other's ignorances and join forces or talk about it, share experiences to help others or at least complain together.

Also, its a good opportunity for the company to show interest and adress their workers' needs and desires.

celebrate and embrace ignorance!


creation of activities and dynamics to adress/satisfy specific knowledge needs/desires in the company's community.

A big board to write down the ignorance confessions and learning desires from everybody in the company: i dont know this.../i've always wanted to know.../

people realize of the desires/ignorances of others, can empathize with them or even offer to help them or get together to find solutions, etc. humanizes the atmosphere.

create a stronger community.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

Besides the classic communication tools, mails, social and etc. ...

the best way would be to have a big board or screen, strategically located to be seen and approached by everyone, with an easy way of participating in it. and big enough to fit everybody's thoughts...

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