The Learning Network
Employees learn and teach their fellows gathering points for prizes



Teaching and learning seem to be natural behaviors in every context. Throughout the life span, human beings have been involved teaching or being taught not only in their academic performance, but also in all other aspects of their lives. We are always teaching or learning something playing any role, that's part of our nature.


The labor market is no exception to this rule. Although the pace of rigid routines at work, employees can often feel the need of teaching or learning something in the go. Whenever possible, some fellows meet to share quick tips and the like. On this basis, corporations should encourage and reward employees that learn and transfer their knowledge to others.


Corporations can propose their employees to build their own learning network. An employee teaches a tip or new issue to others. This employee collects points for the ones he teached and can even sum an extra for only the first two employees who were taught by the ones he taught previously. Learners also gathers points for any achievement and can also teach. Depending on the points gathered, employees can opt for varied prizes such as discount coupons, bonifications or even paid vacations.

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The Corporation monitors its employees profiles and their current performance in its system. The running of the system has similar structure to network marketing ones but applied to the intranet employees data.

When one employee learn something from another, they notify the event. Once the manager tests the achievement, both employees do a quick registration and both receive a code they put into the system to purchase the points. The code contains the related information about the teacher and the learner including the issue and the structure of the roles. This way, employees will be registered and rewarded properly be means of generating a series of tracked codes down the line further.

The ones placed up the line can get their "royaltie points" when the others placed down exchange their tracked codes for points.