Pick Chellenge
Pick a skill and learn it

White Collar


Working environment can be fun and inspiring. Employees when in group, with task, can mich easier motivate each other.


Introducing a fun element, game like, can infuence learning, but with end result in knowledge.


Employees will pick a paper with a skill chellenge. Employee will have a task to implement this skill in his work flow. Each month employee can attend and choose a new skill. By the end of month he will elaborate how he learned it, implement it in work or give pros/cons about it.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

Each picking event will be used for: 1. Skill elaborations/brainstormings/presentations, 2. Adding new skills, 3. Picking a chellenge. These skills can range from easy to hard, and can be: software tools that are not usual but important, different way of workflow pronciple somebody is using, differrent software for some task, working in team, speed chellenge, etc.

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