Geofencing for Employee Training and Learning
Geofencing application designed to send out a push notification for workforce training.



Geofencing is used primarily in marketing and retail to attract customers. Businesses use radio frequency identification to set up a perimeter in a zip code, around a neighborhood, within a store, or even surrounding an entire town or city. In today’s use, when a potential customer enters the geofence, the business sends a coupon or a sales alert to their cellphone via a push notification. Geofencing also makes tracking customers easier for businesses.


While it may have started as a sales technique, geofencing has real potential in revolutionizing training and learning of a company.


As a microlearning tool, geofencing can be developed to send multiple small bites of training to be accessed by employees using their mobile device, but they only need parts of it at certain times and in certain locations.

Company sends employees out into the field to work with compliance-related issues. A geofencing application could be designed to send out a push notification with a reminder to check for compliance updates that are delivered as a two-minute video to employees.

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For employees working away from office, companies can harness geofencing applications to remind employees to clock in and out electronically. Contrary to what we may think, the majority of employees who clock in and out after geofencing alerts have a more positive feeling about it.