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Speed Social Learning is a Learning hack inspired by Speed dating.



To be engaged in the learning process means a person needs to be emotionally invested on acquiring a new skill or gaining insight on a topic.

In a case where an employee is not engaged in the learning process, learning will be passive, knowledge retention will be low , & there will be a lack of commitment to contribute to the learning process.

Furthermore, sometimes, employees tend to have some background knowledge of a topic & might not be motivated to invest further energy into learning.


Any learning method that does not involve face to face engagement might not be effective in helping employees retain knowledge and put knowledge gained to productive use.

Peer to peer learning has been known to be an effective method of driving learning engagement in the workplace.

Not only does this method drive learning engagement with participants involved, group members are able to identify knowledge gaps in each others skills, and general knowledge areas of a subject matter topic.


A 20 minute speed learning session with groups of 3 - 4 members, can be organised to get workers to learn from each other on a daily basis.

Working like a speed dating event, each member would spend 5 minutes engaged in focused theme discussions with each other member. Where opportunities for growth or knowledge gaps are found, expert members can act like a mentor to other participating members. Participants will be able to focus on key areas that will impact their growth and job performance.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

A learning facilitator would communicate the agenda to different groups within the workplace using email, open floor announcements, peer-to-peer spread the word / word of mouth, groups on instant messengers such as WhatsApp (or alternatives) and visual campaign assets such as posters which can be placed on notice boards.

Employees will be motivated by benefits including:

  • Build professional skills on the job from community of experts driven by the speed learning platform.

  • Learning will be adaptive based on each persons individual knowledge needs, meaning learning efforts will be applied to areas where needed, saving time and energy for the person learning.

  • Opportunities to become topic experts which can lead to trying out new experiences within the workplace and enhance their career profile in terms of new achievements gained from developing new skills and drive up their workforce monetary value.

  • Opportunity to form deeper professional relationships with coworkers.

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