Using all available modern media, to facilitate learning and reward in any corporate environment.

Management/Project Lead, White Collar, and Trainees


White collar, management/ project lead and trainees within Service delivery Organisations, do have their jobs cut out and these jobs are often done under pressure to deliver top grade performance to their various customers. This is also an highly competitive environment to work in, for both established staffs and trainees where everyone is conscious of avoiding mistakes and at best hold on to the statues-cue and rarely contribute new ideas.


The highly competitiveness of the working environment for these workers also comes with a plus; which is the gadgets they use for their service delivery. These can be taken advantage of, by the board of management to generate interactions across board and lighten the pressure.


There should be a dedicated central server created for collecting new ideas from staff members . Each staff and department are to submit regularly, new initiative to improve areas of low performance by the company . The department that comes up with the solution that gets implemented will get a reward as a group. And by these, facilitates learning, enthusiasm and research amongst the staffs both as individuals and department. The rewards will be sent via e-mail to members of that department.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

The very illustration of this idea as shown above will be printed and pasted on the company's notice board, departmental notice board and an electronic copy will be sent to every member staff via, bulk e-mail explaining the workings of this model. And each departmental head will be required to have a briefing of this model with his/her members to motivate them for research and learning so as to win prizes that could be; additional days when on leave, bonus added to their salaries, e.t.c