Learn to utilise Theta waves with the dream mode capsule.

Management/Project Lead and White Collar


Inspirations come to us from many places and obstacles. Anxiety is one of the main obstacles to learning problem solving skills at work. The feeling of pressure at work, can hold us back significantly. Instead of staring at half-baked ideas, we can do something.


Relax and have a nap. The best way to be aware of our skills is to learn to problem solve, in Theta state dream. It is proven that dreaming about a spatial learning task during a nap strongly improves subsequent performance.


Companies will create designated areas - "Dream mode capsules"- where white collar and management level employees can have a nap, and learn to utilise theta waves. At the beginning it will takes some practise, but with time this positive habit will take productivity to a new level. Employees will learn how to pick a task, take notes or record their voice when they wake up, to review theta thoughts or to consolidate the learned material.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

Company will introduce "Dream Mode capsule" to all white collars and management personal. Informed dreaming can really benefit innovators in the company. After all, one of the main things that make us different from AI, is “critical thinking”. By taking advantage of our special theta waves, when the brain is prepared to give you the best ideas, we allow time to solve even the most complicated problems. Scientists like Einstein or Edison relied on the half sleep stage to chew on big problems.

Learning to utilise Theta waves will take a little bit of practise, but if employees understand the benefits, it could boost productivity. It has to be done regularly, but after some time it will become a part of the daily routine. It could solve anything from conversations with clients, to managing commercial campaigns. The dream mode capsule will be designed to the specifications of employees, (special place to relax with music, light customisation).

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