The Know Wall
Interactive screen where people would answer questions and participate in the game.



People love interesting bits of information like “fun facts” and “did you know that…”. They usually stay in your mind and very often we feel the urge to add more information to it.


If we divide learning in two major segments – learning a single topic in depth and learning random bits of facts – with this hack we will give people the opportunity to learn a small bit of something new and if this new thing triggers in their mind the question “Yeah, but why?” then this will naturally lead to digging deeper in the matter. This gamification way of learning will lead to discussions between the coworkers about the questions and will provide a good opportunity to share knowledge.


An interactive screen (1 or more) will be placed in a suitable place where all employees will have easy access to it. There will be 5 questions of various topics on the screen with different levels of difficulty and providing different points. The employee fills in their answers, then swipes their company ID card and hits “Done!”. Each month a winner will be selected and at the end of the year the employee with most points will receive a big reward – for consistency and knowledge.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

The internal means of information (email, newsletter etc.) will be used to introduce the game explaining the rules and providing instructions on how to join. It is very important to be pointed out that the company supports and encourages life long learning and this is part of its human development strategy.