Learning Corner
Multi Purpose Learning Space with Micro Library Section

Management/Project Lead and White Collar


There are many methods for working adult to learn; from reading, watching, listening to practicing. Regardless the method, the most important condition for effective learning is to make learning process itself exciting for the participant.

However, not every company have the proper office facility and corporate culture that promotes self growth and the passion to learn. The daily schedule are often packed but whenever there's a free time, many people will waste it for social media.


To effectively learn something, each individual need to find subject that they're interested in, and try to learn it in an exciting way; could be by making the process simple and convenient, or even by making in interactive. It is also important to make the learning process to have as little distraction as possible to make people more focused with the learning process.

The question now is: how can we apply this within company environment?


Learning Corner is a multi-purpose, micro library-like section within an office space where employees can use it for voluntary self learning, group meeting and learning activity.

The space hosts a collection of educational books and/or eReader device, with comfy interior that is designed primarily for employees who would like to learn something during their free time in the office; but also have a jammer that limits any cellular & wifi connection to reduce online distraction during learning.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?


Company need to prepare an existing space/room for Learning Corner, ideally this could be a soundproof room to reduce distraction, but an open space that connect with the cubicle space would do as well.

The space need to convey that it is the 'fun learning' space of the office. This could mean it needs to have an interesting display of books and with colorful interior and comfortable seats like beanbags chair.


Naturally, the new space could attract curiosity, but not all employees may check out the space by themselves. Upper management could provide incentive how to use the space perhaps by conducting group discussion there to help familiarize employees with the new facility.

#3 USE

Management can encourage learning by using the space for internal discussion and learning whenever the employees have a free time. The company may also utilize the space for training events and allow employee to request any book they'd like to read.