Customized visual education goals
Visual workstation signs with learning goal, related personal goal, and execution plan.

Management/Project Lead, White Collar, and Trainees


Weather it is overloaded schedules for managers, or the fear of being seen as “slacking off” for White Collar employees and trainees, learning is not a prioritized task in the traditional workplace. Even in companies that claim to want their employees to develop and learn, daily business is always on top of mind, and learning is an afterthought. We simply do not have the time, energy, or mental space for thinking about WHAT we should learn.


If learning is not a top priority, achieving personal goals is. Learning goals need to be connected to personal goals. And, not everyone wants to achieve the same goals, or learn the same thing. Education needs to be personalized and customizable. We need to be constantly reminded about our long-term goals in order to think about it daily. Peer pressure is a big motivator in companies. This lever needs to be used for motivating employees.


Each employee will sit with a coach for 1 hour to set a personal goal for the year. Then, they will discuss which new skills the employee needs to learn in order to achieve this goal. These two things will be written up on a sign and attached in view for all on the employee’s working station. Coworkers can therefore see each other’s signs, discuss them, and motivate each other by asking how far someone has gone. It’s simple and everyone with a fixed working place can use it!

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

Free coaching session with a personal outside coach is already a great motivation. Furthermore, people have to come by themselves when they are ready for the coaching session; they should no feel forced. However, because of full calendars, it can be easy to forget about it. Once a few people have started doing it, the visual signs will be constant reminders to others that they have this opportunity. Also, when someone has achieved their learning goal, the company should celebrate them with a small cake, or balloons at the table. This is great communication to show that the company cares about the personal development of its employees and to motivate others to also participate in this program.

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