Process board
Find best solution on board

Management/Project Lead, White Collar, Blue Collar, Trainees, and All


There is always more than one solution for problem/task solving. Each employee can work on task in many ways, use different tools and processes.


Differrent processes in work flow can vary in speed or level of difficulty. Point is to find the best and the most optimised solution for the task.


White board with questions will be introduced in work place. Employees can write their process, diagrams and approach to the problem. All employees can debate about solution, test the solutions and find the best one, which will be then used by all. Together they will find the most optimised way for the current problem or better work flow.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

It could follow the rule, the good question will give you the good answer. When employee post the question it would be for e.g. what is the best way to create backgrounds, or what is the best way of naming/sorting of the files, how to approach to form finding, do you use this or that tool for the task, use this software, other or both, etc. Employees can answer with diagrams, task list tutorial like or any other way to explain the process. Employees can test solutions, try to learn some processes they didn't know before or debate/brainstorm about the solutions. Employees can benefit from this with new knowledge and learn new more optimised way of doing some things. This can be applied even to menagement with finding the best ways to optimise work environment, like q&a with solutions to problems from its employees. Another interesting thing is, if i'm passing by the board and notice some part which i know can be better, i can even comment or draw over, optimise it even more.