Learning Coins
An internal cryptocurrency created to estimulate the learning culture

White Collar


All employees would want to be awarded for their special contributions and developed skills within a company.


The effectivity of a reward system as resource to stimulate the interest and participation is well known, when employees are in front of a specific work challenge they think about proffits, so, more proffits, better performance. and this principle can be aplicable in any company area.


The idea is to create a system to awards the learning culture throught some type of internal currency of the company, that could be exchanged for goods and services inside and outside the company, an acumulative virtual currency that employees could exchange for special rewards like a free day, a coffee, a dessert, gift cards, and at a higher level with a large points amount could be obtain a trip, a spa weekend or a fancy dinner and why not for other cryptocurrencies like btcs or etherium.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

To circulate this internal currency, the company must develop a contest space (Learning Challenges) within the internal digital platform or a specialized app, to which employees may have exclusive access to daily, weekly or monthly knowledge challenges in order to win. The challenges will be thematic, and related to specific topics of the current work processes.

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