Full cycle; learn, teach, progress

Management/Project Lead and Blue Collar


There is a saying 'you haven't learnt something until you can teach it'. But this can be expanded to say that teaching will improve your learning. As a 38 year old I joined a Taekwondo class with my daughter. It is quickly apparent that, as you progress, you must teach those below you. This is a perfect circle - where you are taught and teach others - but in doing so everyone's knowledge is improved. Key information is captured within the company and micro improvements have macro benefits.


This creates a virtuous circle; learning & improvement through teaching creates a live feed of education. This works on the extreme levels most effectively. Where blue collar roles are concerned staff can learn the 'tricks of the trade' and pass these skills on - helping companies onboard new staff quickly. It is also 'live' meaning that the learn-teach system is updated automatically. For senior management (to CEO) many 'intangible' skills are needed. This helps with succession planning.


Aimed at SME+ companies. It could be likened to the Japenese Kaizen process or continual improvement. Employees do not passively learn but seek to improve their specific roll. Prompted by AI software & HR they routinely detail their roll, activity and the specifics of what they do. They are also able to advise on resources they feel they need or challenges they see in the near horizon. They then directly teach their roll to someone. Ultimately this will increase job mobility for all.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

This process is intended to incentivize the company by constantly improving its staff's functions, stay abreast of change, log & document processes as they develop and onboard staff quickly. There are clear financial, cost and recruitment benefits to an employer who can retain agile staff.

For staff, this system is a virtuous cycle. In a changing environment of skills and work it promotes mobility across departments and roles - allowing people to learn and up-skill before trying to move laterally or vertically. One position made vacant is someone else's opportunity!

In a period of technical/AI revolution it is in both the employers and employees interest and benefit to be flexible. We do not live in a time of 'a role' or even job 'for life'.

This would be delivered via the Learn2 app. Using a points system - the more information you add (& used by others) the more points you acquire. Points unlock learning information from positions you desire 'qualifying' you to progress.