learning leading to time off
Employee accumulate learning hours to get time off



Work could become dull and numb if you stick to a routine. Unchallenging works create unmotivated employees, and it leads to unimaginative works products. It's a vicious cycle.


Aim to create a workplace culture that offer active peers to peers learning. Establish positive channels to share feedback and make suggestions for future projects that might be outside of your work scoops. Create an environment that breaking out of a routine is encouraged.


At the end of each project, have a 30 minutes reflection session, team member along with employees who are not involved in the project are encouraged to join the discussion. This encourages cross-departmental learning (peers to peers learning), get out of a daily routine(increase motivation) and get the employee to see a bigger picture and have a better understanding of how they are involved in the workflow(develop a sense of belonging).

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

When the employee accumulated certain hours of reflection/learning hours, the employee would earn time off.