the tools we use, the apps we share
Single question asked to employees of a unit on their favourite work tool or methods this month



We all use apps, tools and personal methods to control the chaos of the workplace - but we seldom share them.

Instead of asking the questions to our co-workers, we read blogs, books and listen to podcasts and often fail to apply the techniques described.


So what if we could know what are co-workers use to overcome the very same challenges we have?

Which books or articles they have read and applied recently?


A single question asked to employees of a unit about their favorite work tool or methods used this month.

With just a last table round at the end of a meeting, we usually see great engagement from everyone in less than 5 minutes.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

A manager/team leader introduces the question at the end of a meeting by simply asking everyone around the table to answer. It takes less than a minute and the manager can start with his own discovery.

ex. I recently discovered this app called "habit streak" and I have been using it to check how many times I take a break per day. Do you have any tool or technique you've been using this month that you could share with us?

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