Little-known facts & hobbies
Share hobbies & skills non-work related on a board with the level and if you are open to teach it



We all have hobbies & special skills. But when it comes to learning more about our passion we always look for people outside of our usual social circles.

Not only is this cumbersome and de-motivating but it also adds obstacles to learning.


So what if we could finally find this partner for playing chess, learning how to knit or a fellow hiker among our work colleagues?


A board in a collective space where employees can put their name, a skillset they have or a hobby they regularly practice and their willingness to teach it.

Adding levels (beginner, advanced, expert) can help refine the search for others who would like to connect - and adds a missing human touch to the workplace

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

Using a common space to put up a board and material to write - start the movement with having the HR team sharing their own skills and hobbies.

When running in groups of up to 100 people we have seen consistently that every single person had a hobby - from photography to pick up mushrooms.