Augmented Guide
An immersive augmented reality experience for training and learning

Management/Project Lead and Trainees


The habit to check social media, notifications or text at work sometimes make smartphones a distraction because they can lead to unproductivity. Instead of the smartphones being a distraction, it can be used as a tool to train and empower people through the power of augmented reality.


Through augmented reality, people can have an interactive and immersive approach to learn and be trained through their smart phones in their free time without strict human supervision.


The Augmented Guide app is a mobile application where trainees can have an immersive learning experience through their smart phone. By scanning images, wallpapers on computer screens or objects in the physical work space with their smartphone, 3d models or explanatory videos are superimposed unto the physical world through the smart phone's screen. They can interact with the parts of models, learn how they work in, do simulations or simply watch a video.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

Assumptions: 1. Trainees have smart phones. 2. Trainees have internet access. 3. Trainees have the Augmented Guide installed on their smartphones. 4. Management has a cloud recognition service account where images and object targets are uploaded. Management manages the content to be viewed for each image or object target uploaded.

Management would sign up for cloud recognition services provided by companies such as Vuforia and Easy AR. This would create an account to upload and manage various image or objects targets that will be scanned by the trainees through their smartphones. Management would also be able to manage the content(models or videos) the trainees would see when they scan these images or objects. The trainees would have to install the app on the phone and would be able to access the content uploaded by management through the internet using APIs (Application Programming Interface) provided by the cloud recognition companies.