Sharing Stars
Learning from an inside source can be as valuable as learning from outside experts.



Sharing work experience can be instructive for the other colleagues on similar positions. Let’s say that a company has employees with similar job tasks, for instance people that form the Sales Team. They have the same requirements, to offer their customer the best solution, to turn him into a loyal buyer etc., but every Sales man/woman finds different solutions for similar situations, according to his/her own experience and talent. So why not encourage them to share openly their ”best shots”?


This way, the experience and knowledge of employees will be largely shared and used for the betterment of others.


Especially for large teams, the employees are encouraged to film themselves while speaking about some special situations of their work (like helping a customer) and upload them on the company’s website. Alternative way of sharing: a working tip written in the company's magazine or forum. At the end of the year, employees are asked to vote the most 1.Helpful, 2. Creative, 3.Funny experience shared during the program. The most voted employee will be awarded the Sharing Star of the Year prize.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

This kind of program can be communicated through the usual internal communication channels, as a way of learning from one another or like a cool way of sharing experiences, of showing others the best way of approaching a situation.