LearnER is a knowledge source sharing platform for both professionals and beginners

Management/Project Lead, White Collar, Blue Collar, Trainees, and All


We learn from others all our lives. The notion of "self-taught" only underlines the lack of a physical teacher but the knowledge exists somewhere, in the digital or analog world. Before we reach the piece of knowledge that we're interested in, we're facing a long arduous research ahead of us.


Eliminating pointless research is a must. If there is a shortcut then maybe somebody will use it. If that shortcut is backed by professionals people will trust it. If professionals gain recognition and connect with others even more people will trust and use it. If more people use it then it evolves "organically". This way the one who wants to learn can easily FIND while the one who wants to teach/share can SEE their impact, therefore learning & teaching becomes easy and meaningful.


LearnER (TeachER) is a platform where people link their sources of knowledge in the form of "i learned THIS from", where THIS could mean anything from how to solve an error in a program to a full profession. This way, users eliminate pointless research. All sources are rated by users. By having a rating, both teachers and learners can trust their "path". The platform aims to connect complete newbies to star-like professionals having a common knowledge that's in a perpetual evolution phase.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

  1. Games on learnER (employees use LearnER to be the first to find the desired solution to a problem).
  2. Challenges on learnER (monthly/semestrial challenge for the best knowledge source - tested by traffic, endorsements and ratings from other users)
  3. Comfort Zone denial (traditional brainstorming meetings where all professional knowledge is rejected and the whole focus is on the next-linked subject to what the department is focused on. An example would be Architecture (main focus) - using learner to focus on Painting/Drawing/AR.
  4. Using learnER to find out about "us" - where us is every employee in a department finding new info about their name, ancestry etc. (urban dictionary can be a very fun example where mostly everyone can find something funny about themselves. While urban dictionary is funny, LearnER is interesting). - "i didn't know about X but i've found it on learnER.
  5. Best learnER tip challenge. Monthly prize for the employee who shares the most interesting link/tip