The Librarian
Reading books, making reviews, helping the others



One of the problems in learning nowadays is the huge amount of information available. Where to start? Who knows if a certain book or an online course worth the time? Who knows whether it is truly relevant for professional or personal growth?


By asking the employees to do the reviews, they will be able to choose more wisely their readings and they will save time.


Colleagues has the mission of reading/ watching courses, books etc. that seem interesting from a professional point of view or for self-development and make 1.a general review of the book 2. summary of each chapter, so the other colleagues know the main ideas and decide more easily if they are going to read it/watch it themselves. The Librarian is chosen for three months, while she/he has to make a certain number of reviews (let’s say a book/week). At the end, she/he will get a reward.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

Through internal communication channels.

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