A learning app based on interactive summary video courses

Management/Project Lead, White Collar, and Trainees


Learning needs to appear flexible, fast and fun , to enable employees to balance learning with the pressure that they face in meeting the work related demands of their jobs.

In recent times, gamified focused language learning apps such as "Duolingo" have used this method to help people interested in learning new languages to achieve their goals over time.


But this alone might not be enough, there will be a need to provide a source content that will give each employee the necessary information they need to grow on a day to day basis.

Apps such as the "Blinkist" provide book summaries, which help readers who don't have the time to spend days reading books, to get the full concepts and ideas within minutes. However, video content have been known to be 80%+ more effective in terms of inspiring learner engagement.


QuickLearn is an app that gives employees access to a library of bite-sized 10 minute video courses, which they can curate & watch in accordance to their individual career paths.

After each course they will participate in a simulation game/ or quiz which tests their knowledge, based on the course taken & they will be awarded achievement badges if they successfully win the game.

Over time if the employee obtains enough badges, he/she becomes eligible for company rewards.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

With a network of product evangelists supporting the on-boarding process of employees to the platform,

The QuickLearn solution would be promoted officially via the company email news, intranet, and posters to be posted on the company's bulletin board.

In addition to this, the solution can be promoted by making public announcements when the early bird users achieve their badges.

When other employers witness their colleagues being awarded with recognition awards and benefits, they will be interested to get involved with the solution.