Cups of Learning Motivation
Using thermochromic ink messages that motivate and provide learning resources to employees



Cups are used daily by employees at work. Lately, more and more people are using reusable cups or keeping their personal cups. Good hydration helps people perform. If employees will use cups, coasters, beverage dispensers, etc, messaging on those can help with motivation.


However, printing static messages on the cups would lose the novelty fairly soon. Instead, I suggest transparent/translucent stickers containing messages in thermochromic ink, which employees/company will stick on reusable cups (or print onto cups). Different inks can reveal themselves at different temperatures, for example as a hot beverage in a cup gradually cools, a new message will appear.


Using thermochromic ink, messages sensitive to (revealed by) varying levels of heat/cold are imprinted on reusable cups, and maybe coasters. The messages can be motivating, questioning/quizzing, challenging, etc. A thermochromic QR code beside the message may be scanned to reveal learning resources, surprise prizes for answering questions right, etc.

Eventually, the cups will be associated with taking learning breaks, and the hack will have succeeded :-)

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

The company shall survey its employees at different levels to understand what kind of messaging and what topics for learning are needed. The company will then invest in thermoprinting reusable cups and providing them to employees. Employees may also request printing or adhesive stickers for their personal cups. The design of the stickers can later be turned into a "badge" of learning performance, i.e. motivating employees to keep learning so that they may later obtain stickers with greater bragging rights. This is a light (low tech, low investment) hack and yet a close-at-hand, everyday-interaction approach with the cups that people use so often at work.