Flash Tips
Faster way to learn

White Collar and Trainees


because of lack of communication and integration, the atmosphere at work tend to be too stressful to learn fast especially for the new ones and the less experienced employees . Besides, the overload of work adds tons of pressure so it becomes hard for them to learn effectively and learning would take lot and lot of time


we must find a new way to faster, shorten the learning process and gain time


every department should have its own screen . those screens parade specific and important tips and informations. for exapmle; in sales department, screens communicate tips about sales, trading, actualities, how to do certain operations, how to deal with some frequent problems ...

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

The CEO would announce and explain the perks of those Tv screens and how it could help everyone to understand and get useful tips in a very short time. Tips would be given in a smart forms ( images, memes, statistics ...) so it won't be boring all the time. Also tips would be changed once emplyees 've mastered its content to a new ones depending on the next mission or opearation