Active collective reading
Active reading is a method of understanding true meaning of author thought

Management/Project Lead


Target group is top management which is in charge of a big decisions. That people must be educated in a different areas for leading the company. Nowadays there is a lot of books which can help understand client needs with a help of psycology, marketing and other fields. Education its not an amount of books which you have read, it's undestanding the process, it's experience. Good manager knows how encourage and punish , it's not a congenital trait it can be learned.


Books can help people understand more, but nowadays this process should be encouraged. In the world so many interesting informations which we miss or forget. We can discuss movies or machines, but noone disscuss Kant's philosophy applicable to marketing or new tecnologies. There is so many books which reading is really hard to understand, but if we can take that knowedge we will grow, and i dont say about intelligence, i talk about more practical uses.


Active reading means the group of people in their free time read the same book, which is related to their work or group can choose a theme. The task is to read few chapters and discuss it on meeting, tutor who is the proffessional in the field which book is related, supervise the discussion in a right way. In this case, people deeply understand the meaning of all chapters. Firstly it raise the intellinegce of readers, secondly people meet their interests.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

Ones a week 1-hour discussion of a few chapters of chosen book, like language courses or any educational work hours.