A tinder style online course match making app that chooses the best course for the user.



There are tons of online courses available these days, so it is very difficult to find out what is useful for one person and to understand what value that course adds to their career.


So people are confused on what skills or courses to pursue. So any tool that help them pick a useful course that help value to their career will be helpful.


The idea is to have a tinder style app for finding the right course for the user, users will be able to swipe left & right based on the courses they like and the machine learning system will learn from their preferences and the AI system will be able to find the relevant courses by analyzing their Emails & internet browsing history. The app also learns from the users of similar age from the same company with similar job background who might have taken some courses.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

1.It can be marketed in the corporate office with cheesy punch line posters "Did you find your soulmate in Tinder, now its time to find the right course & skill with EDUTinder. 2.Can be send as promotional Email. 3.Ability to refer friends and the friends who have referred once they take up a course they get paid in rewards.