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Short description
Mercedes-Benz wants you to develop innovative ideas and inspiring solutions that help shape the future of sales, services, and financing of premium cars and mobility.

Your task
Develop digitally-driven solutions, tools, ideas, and concepts that create a premium customer experience by innovating the process of buying, servicing, and financing cars. Give us your answers to the urgent questions of the automotive future: What will the classic car dealership of today look in ten years? How will digital services increase brand loyalty and customer satisfaction? How will we go about paying, leasing, and accessing premium mobility solutions in the future?

Your chance
This crowdstorm is your opportunity to become part of the Mercedes-Benz Idea Accelerator program. The best creatives who submit the concepts with the most potential will be invited to Berlin to present their idea to the innovators from Mercedes-Benz in Berlin in September 2016 (travel expenses covered).

Your ideas are a central part to this project and will reach top-level Mercedes-Benz executives. There is also an opportunity for select posters to be showcased in an upcoming exhibition. Additionally, there are 19 cash prizes and a total pool of €12,000 to be won.